October 20, 2021

Warehouse tips for online retailers: AM Logistic Solutions presents whitepaper

When is automation worthwhile? And which warehouse technology suits whom?

In a 24-page whitepaper, general contractor for warehouse automation and AutoStore integrator AM Logistic Solutions gives online retailers advice on warehouse planning: When is automation worthwhile? Which warehouse technology best suits which goods structure?

Offenau, October 14, 2021 – In nine short chapters, the specialists for automated warehouse technologies explain what e-commerce providers need to consider when setting up a shipping warehouse and present warehouse concepts, strategies and technologies. They show that stores with a high number of shipping orders can accelerate their throughput by picking goods-to-person. The white paper also looks at which systems enable the greatest storage density in relation to the product portfolio and the factors on which the efficiency of an automated storage system depends. In a chapter on the flexibility of storage systems, the experts answer questions on the variety of uses as well as the expandability of different types of systems. They also point out that technologies without the so-called single point of failure achieve the highest availability rates.

Greater security through warehouse automation
Automated warehouse systems are particularly suitable for service-driven, sales-oriented online retailing because they offer a double plus in terms of security: They improve the quality of order processing because they prevent picking errors. And they provide better accident protection because long walking distances through warehouses are eliminated. The warehouse automation specialist with more than 35 years of experience pays special attention to the topic of software: AM Logistic Solutions demonstrates that, especially in e-commerce, it is important for IT solutions to be closely interlinked so that not only inventory management in the warehouse management system is up-to-date at all times, but also the store systems can map the availability of each individual product in real time. “Only with a perfectly coordinated overall package do online retailers achieve the decisive efficiency advantages,” emphasizes Musa Cigdem, Sales Manager at AM Logistic Solutions. “That’s why we place great emphasis on selection consulting – because configuration errors in system capacity or maximum throughput can only be rectified at great expense in live operation.” The white paper provides decision support for managing directors and logistics managers of online stores. It is now available for free download on the AM Logistic Solutions website: https://www.amlogisticsolutions.de/ecommerce.

About AM Logistic Solutions
AM Logistic Solutions GmbH, based in Offenau (Baden-Württemberg, Germany), is a leading provider of automated intralogistics solutions. As a general contractor, the German company designs and implements customized AutoStore systems, including conveyor and storage systems for logistics service providers as well as for retailers and operators of their own warehouses. The range of services also includes customized IT and software solutions as well as round-the-clock service and maintenance via a customer-owned hotline. AM Logistic Solutions is the official AutoStore distributor for Germany and the national AutoStore market leader with more than 80 completed projects.

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