Modern order picking and (de-)palletizing robots

Industrial robotics becomes
smart robotics

Our robotics solutions are suitable in an ingeniously simple way for mapping the handling processes on automatic storage systems and, in special cases, on the AutoStore.

Pick-Robot and Portal-Robot

Storage and retrieval, whole or single items, cardboard or plastic containers, almost any customer requirement can be covered by our robots.

If desired, the robot can palletize directly at the AutoStore workstation, as a cobot. We design our solutions together with our partner Nomagic. Their self-learning algorithms and remote monitoring systems allow the solutions to operate with high autonomy and limit required on-site operator intervention.

From automatic order picking to automatic consolidation and palletizing

Manual stations can be efficiently supplemented or replaced by robots

High connectivity with conveyor technology and AutoStore


Nomagic intelligent pick and place robots

The solution portfolio of our partner Nomagic includes “Nomagic justPick” for order picking from AutoStore and shuttle systems and “Nomagic justInduct” for injecting items into packaging machines or bag sorters. The machines equipped with artificial intelligence can recognize and pick up a wide variety of articles. The spectrum ranges from small boxes and blister packs to cartons, plastic bottles or textiles in bags.

The Nomagic justPick solution operating on an AutoStore port


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