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In over 50 years and 850 successfully delivered automation projects, we have refined our selection of products and services, in order to create optimal state-of-the-art warehousing solutions for our customers.


AutoStore is an automatic storage system that uses no shelves for the storage of goods within the warehouse. The items are stacked in bins on top of each other, inside an aluminum grid. High-speed robots run on rail tracks over the surface of this storage area, picking up the bins and delivering them to the ergonomic work station.

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Stacker Cranes

Our stacker cranes are the ideal solution for pallets and large loads, as well as for smaller units and bins.
A warehouse crane can store and remove your goods up to a height of 40 meters. We engineer, design and produce the type andnumber of cranes in combination with the load handling devices geared specifically to your situation.

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The transport system is a crucial part of any warehouse. For a proper material flow, goods must be moved and stored quickly and efficiently, but also safely and error-free. Our conveyor selection is designed to assure a reliable, functional and cost-efficient solution in any situation.

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We deliver and mount racking systems to suit every storage need. Single row or double depth, with or without fall protection. The modular structure of our racking is highly flexible, thus making any solution possible. Because the racking is designed and developed tailor-made, we can offer our customers solutions that fit their exact needs.

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Shuttle System

With our advanced shuttles, small items can easily be stored in bins, boxes or trays at both single and double depths. The shuttle system can be used as an individual storage system or in combination with other systems such as the Lalesse warehouse crane.

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Automated guided vehicles are the future of efficient material flow.
They relieve employees of tiring transport tasks, increase handling performance and reduce error and accident rates in the warehouse.

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Our robotics solution is suitable in an ingeniously simple way for mapping the handling processes on automatic storage systems and, in special cases, on the AutoStore.

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Controls & Software

Our companies don't just produce and supply physical warehouse systems, but can also provide warehouse management and control software. Our LogiCS software represents the link between your own ERP software and the physical management (through PLC’s) of your warehouse system: cranes, conveyors and AutoStore.

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An efficient alternative to a new acquisition is the adaptation of an existing system, also called retrofit. Retrofit measures bring all the main components up to the latest state of the art - from software to hardware. Our retrofit teams are some of the fastest and most efficient ones in the industry, managing to deliver full refurbishments within 48 hours.

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Service & Maintenance

The internal logistics processes are just as important to many companies as the production or external logistics. The RLS companies know this like no other. Interruptions are simply not an option.

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