Conveyor systems designed for an optimal
material flow within the warehouse

Tailor-made conveyor systems

The transport system is a crucial part of any warehouse. For a proper material flow, goods must be moved and stored quickly and efficiently, but also safely and error-free. Our conveyor selection ensures a reliable, functional and cost-efficient solution in any situation.

Unique solution

An automated storage system usually relies on conveyors for a safe and fast movement of the goods within the warehouse. Our specialists run tests and simulations in the initial planning phase, to find the optimal configuration.

The material flow enhancer

Our conveyor systems are modular and have a clever design, thus having a long life span. Thanks to the use of smart technologies, the conveyor systems require very little energy and are low-maintenance.

Whether it involves heavy-loads (pallets) or mini-loads (bins and boxes), with our customized conveyor systems you always have a solution that fits your specific situation.

Types of conveyors

You want to move pallets quickly and safely within your warehouse. We offer high-quality conveyors and accessories, so that we can create the right solution for you. We produce these for you and design them based on the exact needs of your warehouse.

Even when plastic trays and boxes are used, we have the right solution in house. We ensure the correct solution for your situation, including:

  • Roller conveyors
  • Belt conveyors
  • Belt transfers
  • Sorting systems

Our most popular conveyors are

Pallet roller conveyors

Roller conveyor transfer (lifting) tables

Chain conveyors

Roller conveyor turntables

Type of

Custom-made for you

We develop concepts, plan and implement conveyor systems for optimized materials flow within your warehouse. We specialize on connecting even hardly compatible systems to each other by using smart technology.
This way, goods can be reliably transferred to and retrieved from stock, transported and processed.

Operating systems

All transport systems are managed by your own PC and PLC operating systems. The components connect to each other using an efficient cabling method and controlled from the central control unit.
The conveyor systems have barcode scanners and can be equipped with visualizations, such as Pick to Light. The operating system makes it possible to read out data remotely, so you have access to information about the system performance whenever and wherever you need it.


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