Warehouse Cranes

Warehouse cranes: automated and tireless

A future-proof warehouse based on automation

Find out which warehouse crane suites your situation best – mini-load or pallet cranes?

Together with our preferred partner Dambach Lagersysteme, we engineer, design and produce the type and number of cranes with the load handling devices geared specifically to your situation.

Warehouse cranes can be single or double mast, or aisle-changing, straight-driving or curve-driving cranes. The variety of cranes that we offer allows us to always have a suitable solution.
The cranes can also be combined with various retrieval devices such as telescopic forks, shuttles, and retrievers.

Small loads at high speed

Do you need to store small goods with a limited flow speed? Mini-load is the perfect solution for light products, in boxes or bins. Depending on the weight of the goods and the needed throughput, a mini-load is a single or double mast. Our engineers develop a total solution that, besides the mini-load crane, also includes the needed racks and a matching transport system. A mini-load crane has a wide range of load carriers: telescopic forks, box retrievers, or load carrier specially designed for your product. Based on your product characteristics, requirements and wishes, we deliver the most efficient solution.

Types of load handling devices

Chain conveyor for bins

Unit retriever

Telescopic fork (single or double)

Belt conveyor for boxes

Double belt conveyor

Unique, custom-designed load handling devices


Pallet cranes for every situation

With our warehouse cranes, you can store pallets in your warehouse quickly, efficiently and accurately.

A tireless workforce in your warehouse

Pallets serve as the basis of transport for over 100 years – from ports to shipment centres and from factories to shops. Thanks to our years of experience, we can supply you with exactly the crane that fits your situation. A warehouse crane can store and remove goods up to 40 metres high or at temperatures down to -30 degrees Celsius.

  • Straight-driving crane

    This aisle-based crane drives in a single aisle with racks on each side. Because it drives only in straight lines, this crane offers high storage capacity at a high speed. On both sides of the aisle, goods can be stored at single, double and multiple depths.
  • Curve-driving crane

    A curve-driving crane can drive automatically out of one aisle into another through a curve structure. In this way, one crane can serve two aisles. This type of crane can also be used to store goods on both sides of the aisle at single, double and multiple depths.
  • Aisle-changing crane

    With an aisle-changing crane, one or more cranes can operate in at least three or more aisles. This aisle-changing crane is the ideal solution when a high storage capacity is more important than speed. If there is more than one crane, the system availability is high because the cranes can reach every location in the warehouse. With an aisle-changing crane, the warehouse can be expanded with extra aisles and extra cranes relatively easily. Just as with the other types of cranes, goods can be stored on both sides at single, double and multiple depths.

Types of load handling devices

Telescopic fork: single-depth and double-depth, with swivel plate


Unique, custom-design for load handling devices

Satellite system


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