Transforming Warehousing with AMRs

In an era where speed and accuracy in order fulfillment are not just desired but expected, Geek+ emerges as a beacon of innovation, transforming traditional warehouses into futuristic hubs with its cutting-edge robotics and AI.

How Geek+’s AMRs Transform Logistics

Geek+ is a global technology company specializing in the development and manufacturing of advanced robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for logistics and warehousing. With a strong focus on research and innovation, Geek+ aims to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility across supply chain operations through its diverse portfolio of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs).

These solutions include goods-to-person picking, sorting, and material handling systems designed to optimize processes such as order fulfillment, inventory management, and production line logistics.

Recognized for its cutting-edge technology and significant contributions to the automation industry, Geek+ has successfully deployed its solutions worldwide, helping businesses transform their warehousing operations and adapt to the rapidly evolving e-commerce and manufacturing landscapes.

The Power of Geek+ AMR Solutions

The Geek+ AMR solutions are specifically tailored to enhance warehouse operations, offering cutting-edge approaches to handling, sorting, and storing goods.

The AMR solutions in the Geek+ portfolio addresses the key challenges faced by modern logistics and manufacturing sectors. These include the need for high flexibility in operations, the ability to rapidly adapt to changing inventory and throughput demands, and the ongoing push towards higher efficiency and accuracy in order fulfillment processes.

The solutions Geek+ provides leverages cutting-edge technology to offer high-density storage, increased picking efficiency, and a modular approach to warehouse automation. This aligns with the market’s shift towards systems that can provide rapid ROI, easy scalability, and integration capabilities with existing warehouse management systems.

Tote-to-Person AMR Solutions 

This flexible high storage solution uses AMRs to efficiently transport totes or boxes directly from high-density warehouse storage to warehouse operators. This method streamlines the picking process, significantly increasing efficiency and accuracy in order fulfillment.  

The RoboShuttle and P40 robots, for example, exemplify these advancements by combining high storage density and efficiency with ergonomic design for operators. 

Shelf-to-Person AMR Solutions

In these systems, AMRs transport entire shelves or racks of goods to the picking stations. This innovative approach maximizes storage density and reduces the time and physical strain associated with manual picking. 


AMR Sorting Solutions

For dynamic and precise sorting tasks, essential for distribution and fulfillment centers AMRs can be deployed. These solutions automate the sorting process, ensuring high accuracy and speed in organizing and distributing products for shipment. 

For businesses considering the integration of AMR technology, the Geek+ portfolio offers a clear pathway towards achieving a more automated, efficient, and flexible warehouse operation.

Dobbe Besselsen – Account Manager

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