Elevate Your Warehouse with Tote-to-Person Solutions of Geek+

A tote-to-person solution is a type of warehouse automation technology where robots (Automated Mobile Robots or AMRs) transport individual totes (containers or bins holding goods) or cartons directly to a workstation where an operator is stationed. This system is designed to optimize the picking process in warehouses and distribution centers, making it more efficient, accurate, and ergonomic for workers.

Seamless Efficiency

In the context of Geek+ offerings, the tote-to-person solution involves the collaboration of two types of robots: the RoboShuttle (RS) and the P40. The RS robot is responsible for moving totes from storage rows to a collection point or directly to a picking station, while the P40 robot, equipped with a lifting module, carries the totes swiftly to the workstation. This approach allows operators to remain stationary at their workstations, reducing the need for them to walk or move heavy loads manually, thereby increasing efficiency and safety in the workplace.


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Key benefits of Tote-to-Person Picking

The Ultimate Solution for Complex Storage and Micro-Fulfillment Needs

The Geek+ Tote-to-Person solution is particularly suitable for complex container storage and picking, micro-fulfillment center (MFC) picking, and small-sized picking operations across various industries, including apparel, pharmaceuticals, retail, and e-commerce, enhancing their capacity to meet consumer demand efficiently and effectively.

Improve your logistics operation

Curious about your options? Our specialist Dobbe Besselse will be happy to help you. Using a quick scan, he will help you understand how the solution can contribute to the future-proofing of your warehouse. 

If you are ready to revolutionize your logistics, the future awaits – and it’s mobile, adaptable, and incredibly efficient.


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