Designing a warehouse solution for a production site has many variables that must properly address its main process segments, such as: storage of the components, assembly line and storage of the end product.


Designing a warehouse solution for a production site has many variables that must properly address its main process segments, such as:

  1. Storage of the components
  2. Assembly line
  3. Storage of end product

Of course, the optimal solution is to acquire a system that can serve all of them. That solution can be entirely AutoStore, if the end product does not exceed 30 kg and a size of 42 x 44 x 64 cm. If the end product exceeds these dimensions, but the parts don’t, then AutoStore is still the best choise for the storage of the components and their comissioning to the assembly line.

AutoStore can be installed directly above or next to the production line. The system ensures that the components required for final assembly are delivered to the assembly lines just in sequence, thus making the production process faster, safer and more efficient. For electronics, antistatic AutoStore containers can be used to store the components.

In case of an automotive or other heavy and large products assembly line, the end product can be transported over large conveyor rolls and stored with the help of our Lalesse stacker cranes in single- or two-leveled depths. The cranes are produced in-house, based on the exact needs of each customer, thus assuring a highly performant storage and retrieval process of large products.

This warehouse enables us to keep growing. We are now ready for the future!

Bernhard van Dalfsen – CEO at Hamat

Another popular and very efficient solution is the combination of mini-loads and pallet racking managed by our Lalesse stacker cranes. This mix can fantastically solve for a safe and automated vertical storage of both components and end products. The hardware connection to the assembly line can be done over AGV systems or our Reesink conveyor systems. Whereas the software connection can be optimally ensured by our LogiCS software package. This is a versatile WCS system that can be expanded by the addition of various WMS components, thus offering a highly efficient information flow within the warehouse.

When planning a new production site, our racking clad solution is the best way of making optimal use of the new warehouse space. We build the racking by up to 40 m high and only then cover the warehouse with walls and ceilings. This construction method is a particularly cost-effective way of building a warehouse. You can make considerable savings in construction costs because it dispenses with the need for an expensive steel structure.


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