Shuttle System

The efficient storage and order processing of bins, boxes and trays or pallets with our shuttle systems for mini- and heavy-loads.

Shuttle Systems for bins

With our advanced shuttle solutions, small items can easily be stored in bins, boxes or trays, in single and double depths. The shuttle system can be used as an individual storage system or with other systems, such as the warehouse crane.

The storage system can consist of one or more aisles in which multiple shuttles operate. Each aisle has several levels, depending on the requisite storage height. Each level has a shuttle. In the middle of the racks, there is a lift with a load-handling device that removes and retrieves the bins.

Main features

For bins, boxes and trays of up to 600mm x 400mm

Modular solution, easy to expand

Load-bearing capacity of 2 x 25 kg

Excellent goods-to-man solution


Shuttle System for pallets

The shuttle system can also be the ideal solution for the supply and removal of pallets. It can be used to automatically load and unload pallets quickly and efficiently. The storage of pallets with shuttles is ideal for multi-depth racks, making it possible to create a high pallet density.

  • Available for both longitudinal and transverse transport
  • Load-bearing capacity of 1.000 kg and 1.500 kg, and up to 2.500 kg possible in a special version.


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