AutoStore is an automatic storage system that uses no shelves for the storage of goods within the warehouse. The items are stacked in bins on top of each other, inside an aluminum grid. High-speed robots run on rail tracks over the surface of this storage area, picking up the bins and delivering them to the ergonomic workstations, where the picking process takes place.

The Maximum Leverage Solution

It is intelligent, fast, and self-optimizing: AutoStore is unlike any other storage system currently available on the automated warehousing market. It consists of a mere 5 components and is able to flexibly adjust to individual business requirements – even during ongoing operation.

Reesink Logistic Solutions creates solutions in all areas of warehousing. We are market leader in DACH and Benelux Areas and have been offering single-source competent services for more than 50 years already, and have been an official AutoStore distributor since 2009.

Rubik’s Cube

This high-density storage system is in itself fully automated and therefore energy-saving, making order fulfillment easier to manage and safer within the warehouse. When used at full potential, it can reduce the footprint of the storage area by up to 75%. It also ensures an 98,6% up-time, making it the most efficient automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) in the world.

Rent a Robot AutoStore rental program empowered by RLS

As a world premiere, we are the first ones to rent AutoStore robots from € 1.200 / month, in order to enable our customers to selectively increase the performance of the systems during seasonal peaks. Optional takeover of the robot(s) after the rental period is possible.

Main features of “Rent a Robot”

1.200 € per month
The rental prices are staggered and start at € 1.200 per robot per month.

1.200 € per month
The rental prices are staggered and start at € 1.200 per robot per month.

Maintenance and service
The regular maintenance costs, as well as eventual repair costs of the robots are included in the package price.

Next-week delivery
Having our own robot-fleet at AM, we can insure a very fast delivery to our customers, within days from the order signing.

a Robot

Our Know-how

As market leader in the BeNeLux and DACH regions and one of the top system integrators for AutoStore, we have the know-how and the resources to guide you through the optimization process of your warehouse.

Our teams of experts deliver tailor made projects, being able to accommodate any warehouse, regardless of shape and size.
To ensure that you, as our client, are properly informed, we offer system training courses for users, staff and programmers.

Our service offer also includes a competent 24/7 support, as well as regular checkups and maintenance.
We are here to assist you from planning, consultancy, engineering up to operational use of your AutoStore system and beyond.

The Advantages of Autostore

Space Saving

Space Saving

The entire available space is used to a maximum, being able to save up to 75% from the warehouse footprint.



AutoStore acts automatically and intelligently. The system continuously adapts to outside events, like unpredictable order intake or cancellations, by the use of dynamic routing through its software solutions: Planner™ or Router™.



A system running with 10 robots uses as much energy as a vacuum cleaner. Being fully automated, it also saves light consumption and heating, as the robots can work on any environment above 5 degrees Celsius.

Flexible & Future Proof

Flexible & Future Proof

AutoStore can be extended at any time, even during ongoing operations. The high modularity of the systems allows it to be expanded easily, by adding grid, robots, workstations or any combination of these.

24/7 Efficiency

24/7 Efficiency

Robots recharge themselves automatically as needed. The newer generation of Blackline Robots switches batteries during ongoing operations, thus being able to work restlessly.

Fastest Order Fulfillment

Fastest Order Fulfillment

The fastest order fulfillment system per square foot in the market. The combination of the Router software and the Blackline robots has been proven to deliver the most efficient throughput of all ASRS systems currently on the market.



The highest storage density of any ASRS (Automated Storage and Retrieval System).

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