For Austria:

Reesink Logistic Solutions Austria GmbH

1210 Wien, Floridsdorfer Hauptstraße 1, Austria


​​Managing Director: Gert Bossink

Registry Nr.: FN 549644a

VAT Nr.: ATU76855609

Handelsgericht Wien

For Poland:

Reesink Logistic Solutions Poland Sp. z o.o.

​Browarowa 21, 43-100 Tychy, Poland

+48 (0) 578 19 99 95

Country manager: Michal Ochmanski

Registry Nr.: KRS No. 000711090

VAT Nr.: PL 5272832591

For all other countries:

Reesink Logistic Solutions BV

Impact 50, NL-6921 RZ Duiven, Netherlands

+31 (0) 850 010 020

Managing Director: Gert Bossink

Registry Nr.: KVK 09141493

VAT Nr.: NL 812848457B01

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Reesink Logistic Solutions

Division reception desk

+31 (0) 850 010 020
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