May 06, 2024

A new centrepiece: Fenix Outdoor implements AutoStore™ system with AM Logistic Solutions

AM Logistic Solutions has implemented an AutoStore™ system in the central warehouse of omnichannel retailer Fenix Outdoor in Ludwigslust. The system has been in use since last year. Strong growth in the e-commerce and D2C sector had driven the automation of processes on site and the optimisation of available warehouse capacity.

In June 2023, Fenix Outdoor Logistics GmbH commissioned the 3,000 square metre AutoStore™ warehouse with over 100,000 containers at their central logistics hub in Ludwigslust. General integrator AM Logistic Solutions realised the project for the omnichannel retailer in just six months. After ten months in operation, Fenix Outdoor is now taking stock: where previously seasonal peaks pushed the 200 or so employees in warehouse operations and service to their limits, 42 R5+ robots are now working a 16-hour picking shift. Around 85 per cent of items can be handled automatically via the AutoStore™ warehouse, while the remaining items must be processed manually due to their size. Fenix Outdoor has recorded a significant increase in monthly shipping volumes. This development represents significant progress and emphasises the company’s commitment to efficient logistics.

As the centrepiece of the warehouse, which covers over 70,000 square metres in total, the AutoStore™ system fits seamlessly into the existing conveyor technology: On one side, the system is connected to the pallet warehouse where overstock is stored; the pocket sorter, manual preparation and semi-automated packing follow on the other side. The orders can be picked in parallel at 16 Carousel Ports. Thanks to the order streaming principle, which replaces the previous wave principle, orders can now be processed more flexibly and quickly. In addition, the goods-to-person system noticeably reduces the workload for employees. 

Hans-Joachim Heuer, Director Supply Chain Management at Fenix Outdoor, also appreciates the scalability of the AutoStore™ system: The until is fully utilised, but it can be flexibly expanded and thus adapted to our growing requirements. We are currently discussing mirroring the system in the neighbouring hall or, alternatively, gradually doubling the throughput capacity with the robots and ports used.” Fenix Outdoor Logistics GmbH continues to rely on AM Logistic Solutions as the overall integrator for the ambitious future project.

An overview of the AutoStore™ warehouse for Fenix Outdoor Logistics GmbH: 

– 3.000m2

– 100,000 bins

– 42 R5+ robots

– currently 16 Carousel Ports

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