April 17, 2024

Elburg Foods Signs Agreement for Automated Pallet Storage

Elburg Foods, a well-known independent producer of chicken fillet specialities, has partnered with Lalesse Logistic Solutions to automate its raw material and frozen food warehouse. This strategic move is aimed at optimising their logistics processes through advanced automation technologies.

Elburg Foods has officially signed a contract to install the innovative Movu atlas shuttles in its warehouses. These advanced shuttles will significantly improve the efficiency of the warehouse operations. The new installations will consist of a raw material warehouse with a capacity of approximately 1,550 europallets and a frozen food warehouse with a capacity of approximately 3,500 block pallets.

This technology will ensure optimal space utilisation and streamlined logistics, which are essential to support the growing international demand for Elburg Foods’ high-quality chicken products.


The formal signing, attended by representatives from both companies, marks a milestone in the commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. In attendance were Hans ter Maten, Managing Director of Elburg Foods, Machiel van den Hazelkamp, CCO of Reesink Logistic Solutions and Bert van Orden, Account Manager of Lalesse Logistic Solutions.

Lalesse Logistic Solutions welcomes this partnership and the impact it will have on Elburg Foods’ operations.

We are ready to share our knowledge and experience with other organisations interested in implementing similar technologies. For more information about Movu atlas, please visit our Movu atlas shuttle page.

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