February 07, 2024

Next-Gen Automated Storage & Retrieval Solutions at LogiMAT 2024 

Experience the Future of Automated Warehousing 

Reesink Logistic Solutions (RLS) is excited to announce its participation in LogiMAT 2024. RLS will be physically displaying a range of cutting-edge automated storage and retrieval systems for small parts and pallets as well as Automated Mobile Robots (AMRs), highlighting their commitment to driving the future of warehouse automation. 

Unmatched flexibility and efficiency with Geek+ AMRs 

RLS proudly presents the Geek+ Tote-to-Person solution with a combination of the RoboShuttle (RS8), and the P40, and Shelve-to-Person solution with the P800 AMRs, exemplifying the pinnacle of automated warehouse technology. The RS8 offers unparalleled efficiency in tote-to-person storing and retrieving totes and cartons, reducing manual handling and accelerating order fulfilment. The P40 shines with its ability to navigate complex environments. It is the perfect small and fast picking robot that navigates beneath the racks to deliver the items to picking stations. Meanwhile, the P800 demonstrates its prowess in heavy-duty tasks, capable of effortlessly moving large loads, including inventory shelves and pallets, to the picking stations, eliminating the redundant walking of the picking workers, improving the accuracy of the picking, and reducing labour intensity. 

Revolutionizing Storage with the AutoStore System 

Experience the game-changing capabilities of the AutoStore system at our booth. This compact, robot-driven storage and retrieval system maximizes space efficiency and accelerates order processing. AutoStore’s unique cubical design minimizes storage footprint while maximizing capacity, making it an ideal solution for dynamic warehousing environments. 

Optimizing Pallet Handling with Movu Atlas Pallet Solution 

Also on display is the Movu atlas pallet solution, a benchmark in pallet storage and retrieval efficiency. Its advanced shuttle technology optimizes storage density and operational speed, significantly reducing manual labour and operational costs and in the most energy efficient way possible This solution has, with its scalability, a very large application sweet spot varying from smaller sized, lower volume applications to XL sized warehouses with high performance requirements. It can be applied under almost all temperature conditions, including cold stores as well as with maximum shape flexibility, which facilitates a perfect design for both existing as well as new buildings. 

Visit Us at LogiMAT 2024 

We invite you to visit our booth C60 in hall 1, at LogiMAT 2024 to witness first-hand the transformative potential of these technologies. Discover how RLS is shaping the future of warehouse automation. 

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