December 11, 2023

New success for AM Logistic Solutions GmbH: order to install the Autostore system at Sport Böckmann GmbH in Holdorf

AM Logistic Solutions GmbH receives the coveted order to install an Autostore system from Sport Böckmann GmbH in Holdorf, one of Germany’s leading retailers of sports and club equipment.

Sport Böckmann GmbH in Holdorf is known as a pioneer in the sporting goods and club supplies retail sector for its extensive range of around 75.000 items. With a strong online presence and various shops, the company supplies around 30.000 active club customers in Germany. By introducing the innovative Autostore system in Holdorf, Sport Böckmann GmbH can expand its warehouse capacities and organise its order picking processes more efficiently in order to meet the increasing demand for high-quality sports and club equipment.

What is Autostore and how will it support Sport Böckmann?

The Autostore system, which is being installed by AM Logistic Solutions GmbH, is a leading technology in the field of warehouse management and automation. With its innovative design and functionality, the Autostore system offers Sport Böckmann GmbH a wide range of benefits. It enables optimised stock management and maximises space utilisation, which ultimately leads to increased productivity and cost efficiency. In addition, the precise robot technology ensures fast and accurate order fulfilment, resulting in improved delivery times and customer satisfaction.

The specific key data of the Autostore facility in Holdorf, which is scheduled to be commissioned in 2024, includes an Autostore Grid for 18.000 bins with 11 sophisticated R5 robots and 4 Carousel Ports to ensure smooth operations.

We would like to thank Sport Böckmann GmbH for the trust they have placed in us and look forward to contributing to their future growth and success. Our dedicated team is looking forward to realising this prestigious project.

With this new contract, AM Logistic Solutions GmbH consolidates its position as a reliable partner for intralogistics in the German market and at the same time emphasises its commitment to promoting the efficiency and performance of its customers in the ever-changing world of retail and logistics.

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