June 26, 2023

AutoStore solution for new Elektramat warehouse

Enschede-based electrical wholesaler Elektramat is expanding with a new facility in Almelo, which includes an automated AutoStore order fulfillment system, from Lalesse Logistic Solutions to optimise the efficiency of the picking process and increase storage density.

Ready for the future.

In recent years, Elektramat has grown at a phenomenal rate and they are still growing. In a little while, they will be the largest electrical wholesaler in Europe. While in 2020 they expected to be able to continue with their current premises for at least five years, by 2022 they were already realising that they were running out of space and it was time to take the next step. Reason enough to build a second 36,000 m2 site in the XL Park in Almelo. This warehouse, which will house all logistical activities, is 3.5 times larger than the current location and offers plenty of room for growth. However, Elektramat has decided to use this large space as efficiently as possible and has chosen an automatic storage and picking system with a very high storage density. The AutoStore system, supplied by Lalesse Logistic Solutions, has a capacity of 70,000 bins and 64 robots. This system will not only ensure that the expected growth over the next few years remains manageable and that the order picking process can be optimised. The system’s outstanding storage efficiency will also enable the company to maintain a larger stock to avoid longer delivery times.

With the new automated warehouse, Elektramat is ready for the future.

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