January 30, 2024

SWAROVSKI OPTIK starts automation project with Reesink Logistic Solutions Austria

SWAROVSKI OPTIK, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality sports optics, has contracted Reesink Logistic Solutions to integrate an AutoStore system at its Absam site. Limited space and increased throughput in the Absam warehouse made a reassessment necessary. The aim was to achieve a higher storage density and greater throughput.

SWAROVSKI OPTIK specializes in the development and production of binoculars, riflescopes, telescopes and other optical instruments. These are shipped from the central warehouse in Absam to demanding users in the three target groups of hunting, birdwatching and outdoor. In order to boost throughput and productivity, relieve employees and meet the company’s own high innovation standards, the optical precision instruments are to be transported fully automatically from storage to order picking and production in the future. Together with Reesink Logistic Solutions, SWAROVSKI OPTIK designed the warehouse automation through the use of an AutoStore system and the integration of additional conveyor technology. The implementation of the joint project is planned for 2024.

Tailored concept

Even before the beginning of the partnership, experts at Reesink Logistic Solutions designed a tailor-made automation system taking into account the hall layout and the items stored in SWAROVSKI OPTIK’s warehouse. The storage capacity will be around 35,300 bins to start; 14 robots will be used to deliver the bins and transport SKUs to the employees. The goods are to be made available within just 30 minutes of the order being transmitted. A new warehouse management system will be implemented to control the material flow and other processes in the AutoStore and docked to the existing ERP system. Taking these parameters and planning specifications into account, the AutoStore automated bin storage system has already proven itself in simulations.

The unique aspect of the manufacturer’s warehouse: The work processes are structured vertically and take place on different levels. The AutoStore grid is installed on the top floor of the hall in a newly erected structure. Picking takes place at six swing ports on the ground floor, just under eight meters below the AutoStore. From there, the consignments are transported fully automatically to the basement, where manufacturing and packaging processes take place. Vertical lifters and other conveyor technology are used to ensure smooth and automatic transportation between the floors and individual workstations. Since incoming goods are received on the basement level, the goods are transported up to the AutoStore workstations on the ground floor via conveyor technology and lifters and stored there.

The fire protection concept posed an additional challenge, as the respective fire compartments also have to be sealed off from each other in case of an emergency. In the event of a fire, all cross-floor transport routes are closed off with ceiling slides to ensure maximum safety for employees and inventory. Due to the value of the goods and a possible loss of deliveries, a conventional extinguishing method using water was deliberately omitted in the AutoStore, instead a gas extinguishing system was provided.

The planned AutoStore warehouse at SWAROVSKI OPTIK at a glance:

– 35,300 bins for SKUs weighing up to 30 kg

– 14 robots

– 6 swing ports

– 2 vertical lifters

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