Pre Pain – 40% more loaded trucks per day

April 2017


The Netherlands



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Pré Pain, a bakery supplier, successfully automated its cold storage facility with Lalesse pallet cranes, ensuring efficiency and future-proofing. Head of Operations, Mark van Duijse, highlights the company’s expansion from one to 11 production lines capable of producing 10,000 buns per hour each. Automation became imperative due to increased demand, and Lalesse Logistics Solutions won the project bid, delivering a solution that allowed seamless integration without halting production.

The seven cranes, equipped with various load handling devices, operate in a -30 degrees Celsius environment, maximizing storage density. The innovative inclusion of shuttles in a cold store presented challenges but proved pivotal for Pré Pain. The cranes, combined with intelligent software, enhanced the fifo principle, optimizing pallet picking and tracking processes. Despite market fluctuations, the automated solution remains robust, allowing Pré Pain to adapt to varying demand patterns, especially during peak seasons.

The implementation of automation transformed employee roles, turning them into logistics coordinators stationed behind computers. Cameras monitor the process remotely, facilitating efficient error resolution and administrative tasks. Despite the shift to more specialized roles, the workforce remains the same, loading 40% more trucks daily within 24 hours. The success of the automated cold store has positioned Pré Pain for further expansion while maintaining a content and efficient warehouse operation.

Mark van Duijse – Head of Expedition

Over the years, we have expanded from one production line to a comprehensive plant that consists of 11 production lines. Our capacity enables us to manufacture 10,000 rolls hourly per line, running 24 hours a day.

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