July 26, 2021

AKL / Miniload System

A miniload system is an automated warehouse system for storing small parts in containers designed for this purpose. In order for automated storage to be possible, a miniload system must consist of the following: a storage system, one or more stacker cranes, bins, one or more picking areas and the load handling devices. The small parts warehouse is operated by shuttle vehicles or stacker cranes, which automatically reach into the handle bars and pull the goods out of the rack or guides them back in again. The removal and supply of goods is constantly connected to the warehouse management system, which controls the processes and, for example, informs the picker which small parts he still needs for his order composition. A special feature of the miniload system is the high space utilization rate, the storage possibilities are significantly higher compared to a regular warehouse as the stacker crane can move along the complete aisles.


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