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June 2021





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To be quickly ready for a new customer project – no matter at which location: this was the task that AM Logistic Solutions had to master when setting up the AutoStore small parts warehouse at SK Pharma Logistics GmbH. This particular facility has extremely fast relay ports for a significantly higher number of bin presentations per hour.

As a special service provider, SK Pharma Logistics ships pharmaceutical and medical products in particular worldwide. During the preparation phase for a new logistics building, the company had to bring forward a major customer order at short notice – a special challenge. In this area as well, the Corona virus has complicated some processes, which is why it was not possible to obtain the building permit in an accelerated manner. This left only the change of location for the implementation of the commissioned AutoStore system in order to be able to perform in time. A task that turned out to be extremely special. The ceiling height in the Bielfeld location, which was designed for the use of high racks, was particularly challenging. Because this increased the fire hazard and retrofitting the fire protection measures required there would no longer have been possible given the given time frame. […]

Flexible miniload for high efficiency

Integrator AM Logistic Solutions and the AutoStore concept have proven their high flexibility with two planning location changes of the facility already ordered from the manufacturer. The configuration of the system also enables extremely fast picking and distribution with same-day services. “We never expected that an automated warehouse could be so flexible. Thanks to the AutoStore, we can now respond even more specifically to our clients’ wishes,” explains Stephan Krone, founder and managing director of SK Pharma Logistics.

The AutoStore systems from SK Pharma Logistics at a glance

Main system
707 m² Footprint
40 Robots
2 Carousel Ports
3 Relay Ports
34.400 Bins

Test system in the temperature-controlled range
34 m² Footprint
3 Robots
2 Conveyor Ports
1.500 Bins
Temperature: + 5 Grad Celsius

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