July 19, 2021

ERP System

The abbreviation ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning = business resource planning, i.e. the company-specific planning of resources such as personnel, operating resources, capital and material. With a qualified ERP a constantly optimized control of operational and entrepreneurial expirations is to be guaranteed. For the companies, the optimal use of resources results in time, cost and effort savings. Likewise, it results that by the employment of an ERP system on spontaneously incoming customer’s requests simpler and with a faster reaction time can be dealt with.
ERP systems are therefore IT applications that serve to optimize resource planning within the company. The majority of renowned ERP systems are divided into different modules that communicate with each other. Depending on the business sector or the size of the company, the requirements that the ERP system has to fulfill arise.
More and more providers focus on web-based applications to allow external access to the own system without downloading a corresponding user interface. This provides further time and cost savings as customers and suppliers can be better integrated into business processes.


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