Automation with AutoStore gives Jan de Rijk a competitive edge

June 2021


The Netherlands



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Jan de Rijk Logistics provides international transport and contract logistics services. For their fulfilment offering, their location in Roosendaal has been equipped with the innovative AutoStore system. This enables Jan de Rijk Logistics to respond to industry trends and developments as well as specific tender requirements. The result? A future-proof system and a competitive offer for their customers.

Erik van Dee, Manager Business Development

AutoStore allows us to market our fulfilment services more competitively and attract more customers.

Part of new direction

A transport company at heart – since 1970 – Jan de Rijk Logistics is developing into an all-round logistics service provider. Part of their offer is contract logistics: warehousing, fulfilment, but also assembly and customs services. From their many years of (new) markets have been identified. Jan de Rijk Logistics focuses on retail & e-commerce, consumer electronics and aftermarket & spare parts. In order to best serve these sectors, it was decided to automate as many repetitive processes as possible.

AutoStore at Jan de Rijk
Surface area: 500 m2
Number of bins: 15.000
Number of robots: 13
Number of workstations: 3
Output: 150-200 picks per uur per station

Lalesse, in collaboration with Arco Solutions, has also equipped the AutoStore with a conveyor packaging line.

Erik van Dee, Manager Business Development

For us, it started with the implementation of a new warehouse management system in 2019. In addition, we expanded our team with experts in the field of warehousing. We spent a year mapping out the automation issues.

To this end, Jan de Rijk Logistics called in UC Group’s logistics consultants and asked Lalesse to join in the thinking. In 2020 this resulted in opting for an AutoStore solution.

Moving from a conventional warehouse to AutoStore has brought many benefits to the work floor. They are moving a lot more work with the same people and the error rate has been reduced significantly. The number of picks per hour has increased enormously because walking distances have been reduced a lot.

Account manager Mark van de Weijer says

Jan de Rijk’s embrace of automation with AutoStore marks a leap forward in efficiency and an expansion of its competitive edge. Lalesse Logistics Solutions is proud of this great solution and looking forward to continuing our cooperation with Jan de Rijk.

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