July 20, 2021


A container, also known as a receptacle, describes an object that serves the purpose of shielding its interior from the outside world, on the one hand to protect the contents from external influences or, on the other hand, to protect the environment from the contents. For some containers there is a closure such as a lid as well as different types of closure. Depending on the lid and type of closure, the containers may change their subgroup to be classified. Different subgroups are for example cans, tins, tanks, boxes, barrels, etc. A container consists of a base, walls and a cavity to store goods in the container or, for example, as a container to transport or pack various objects of the same type.
Depending on the area of application, the containers must meet technical standards, for example, a container for liquids must be considered leak-proof. For the different aggregate states of the contents, the containers are specialized in each case, with the help of different materials such as plastic, wood, glass, metal, etc. Depending on the requirements, the different containers can be used stationary or mobile.


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