July 26, 2021


AGV is the abbreviated form of Automated Guided Vehicle. A driverless transport system is an automatically controlled floor-bound conveyor that can be controlled/guided without touching it. In intralogistics, AGVs are an indispensable component of automation solutions. These transport vehicles are used in companies for material transport within the conveyor systems. It is possible to use the transport vehicles indoors as well as outdoors.
The driverless transport systems can be optimally integrated into existing structures, and the integration results in many operational advantages. For example, the great flexibility and reliability of the vehicles, as well as the optimization of the internal material flow. In addition, transport processes can be better calculated.
Driverless transport systems can be flexibly adapted to different market conditions. For example, it is possible to increase the number of vehicles quickly and easily. There are several different load carrying devides that can be used on an AGV, such as roller conveyor, chain conveyor, fork, trolley etc.


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