March 18, 2021

World premiere: AM Logistic Solutions to rent AutoStore-Robots

Full package including licence, maintenance and repair service

For customers of the integrator AM Logistic Solutions, the compact small parts storage system AutoStore will now be even more flexible: the specialist for warehouse automation is the first distributor worldwide to rent AutoStore robots for limited periods of time, in order to be able to selectively increase the performance of the systems during seasonal peaks.

With this new offer, AM Logistic Solutions is further expanding its comprehensive customer service for the AutoStore system. The integrator is thus fulfilling the long-held wish of its customers to be able to increase the picking performance of their systems for a desired period of time during seasonal peaks in demand. This includes renting the robots for a minimum period of one month. The staggered rental price starts at 1.200 Euro – depending on the lease time. This service includes a complete package consisting of AutoStore licence fee, maintenance and repair service. After the rental period, users also have the option of taking the robots into their operations on a permanent basis. The rental fee is then deducted from the purchase price on a pro rata basis.

Investment in good customer service

AM Logistic Solutions is building up its own robot fleet to provide a flexible service. To this end, the market leader for AutoStore systems in the DACH region is investing in the energy-saving devices as well as the licence fees that are due when they are used. In this way, the distributor creates an opportunity for his customers to increase the picking performance in their AutoStore warehouse to the required picking performance for a specific peak phase. This allows them to more easily handle, for example, Christmas sales or other peak demand periods such as the outdoor season in many sports.

“Our customers can now also start with permanent expansions quickly and in a way that preserves liquidity,”

emphasizes Norbert Golz, Managing Director of AM Logistic Solutions.

For years, AM Logistic Solutions has been a pioneer and innovator in the use of AutoStore systems. The market leader in the DACH region has developed special implementations to almost every completed AutoStore project. Therefore, it was to be expected that the distributor from Offenau now fulfils the biggest wish of its customers with its rental robot fleet, as a world premiere.

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