October 10, 2021

On the road again: Lalesse at events

Material Handling Day & Supply Chain Innovations

During the fall term, Lalesse participated in two trade events. It was very nice to be able to participate again in these physical events after a long period of limitations. In the first week of October we presented our warehouse solutions in Antwerp (Belgium) and Den Bosch (Netherlands).

Antwerp: E-commerce logistics of the future

At Supply Chain Innovations, the trade event in Antwerp, Eric Ebbers gave a presentation together with our client Kenny van Paesschen, ShopWeDo. The audience, consisting of logistics directors, managers and specialists, was taken through the transformation of ShopWeDo into one of the first fully automated e-commerce warehouses in Belgium. They chose AutoStore as the core for their fulfillment center.

The audience was impressed by their story about the step-by-step automation of the warehouse. For colleagues Eric Ebbers and Christiaan Dorval it was a successful day with valuable meetings and encounters.

Den Bosch: AutoStore as a competitive advantage

Together with our sister company Motrac NL we were present at the Material Handling Day in Den Bosch. With our combined stand we presented a total solution for warehousing and intralogistics. We have shown our strength as Royal Reesink companies.

Account manager Mark van de Weijer presented a case study together with our client Erik van Dee, Jan de Rijk Logistics. In this presentation they showed how the choice for automation came about and how it renews their business model and makes it future proof.

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