July 26, 2021


By a pallet or transport pallet we understand a flat construction with lateral recesses. Pallets are used to transport, store or bundle goods in large quantities or individual large and heavy products. Most people will first associate the typical Euro pallet, but there are pallets made of various materials such as steel, plastic, compressed wood and corrugated cardboard.
The movement of the pallets is possible with the help of various floor conveyors such as forklifts or pallet trucks. For this purpose, the lateral recesses on the pallets are used by hooking the forks of the conveyors into the pallets and thus lifting them.
In addition to the material, a distinction is also made between different types of pallets depending on their intended use. One is the reusable pallets, which are designed to be used more frequently. For this reason, the reusable pallets are made of more stable materials.
The counterpart to the reusable pallet is the one-way pallet. As the name suggests, the one-way pallet is not very durable and is used only for one-time transport from the dealer to the customer.


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