July 28, 2023

AutoStore ResQ Robot

Discover the latest addition at QLS Fulfilment – the Bin ResQ Robot from AutoStore!

We are delighted to announce that QLS Fulfilment is the first company in Europe to deploy this ResQ robot. With this advanced technology, we optimise bin handling and take another step forward in our commitment to efficiency and customer satisfaction.

We are excited about the possibilities offered by the Bin ResQ Robot. With this deployment, we are taking productivity, efficiency and safety to new heights.

Bin ResQ Robot

The Bin ResQ Robot is equipped with a special gripper that picks up problematic bins with ease. Previously, overflowing bins or items hanging over the edge of the bin caused manual interventions and interruptions to the AutoStore system, but now these problems are a thing of the past. With the Bin-Saving superhero on our side, we can keep the system running smoothly and boost productivity even further.

Our commitment to continuous improvement and efficiency is reflected in the deployment of the Bin ResQ Robot at QLS. We minimise downtime, maximise system availability and allow customers to benefit from improved service levels.

Besides optimising processes, we also place great importance on the well-being of our team. With the Bin ResQ Robot, operators no longer need to physically enter the grid, ensuring a safe and pleasant working environment.

The Bin ResQ Robot ensures that productivity is maintained even in the event of downtime.

The ultimate help with the massive scale-up

QLS began the ambitious expansion of their state-of-the-art AutoStore system last week. This expansion will enable QLS to increase their capacity from 70,000 to an unprecedented 110,000 bins, while at the same time more than 105 robots will be operational.

Quincy Boogers, co-owner of QLS, points to the continued growth of the company’s customer base as the driving force behind this large-scale expansion. “Growth in new customers remains remarkably high,” Boogers said. “We expect as much as 50% growth with new customers this year, and we need to be well prepared for that. It is almost unbelievable that customer acquisition continues to increase, forcing us to increase our capacity again within just nine months of our previous expansion.”

With the AutoStore expansion, QLS not only meets the needs of their growing customer base, but also takes an important step in further optimising their fulfilment processes.

How exactly does the Bin ResQ Robot work?

Sometimes it happens that an item sticks out of a bin, making it impossible to pick the bin. Fortunately, QLS now has the Bin ResQ Robot, which, thanks to a special gripper, ensures that problematic bins can still be picked. It’s nice to see that you can also immediately see what went wrong.

By deploying the Bin ResQ Robot, QLS maximises system availability and minimises downtime. This leads to greater customer satisfaction and improved service levels.

The Bin ResQ Robot is able to navigate to the site to fix the problem. This not only saves valuable time, but also reduces the risk of human error.

Constantly innovating for optimal results

It is with great pride that QLS announces that they are at the forefront of this technological revolution in the fulfilment industry. By pioneering the implementation of this Bin ResQ Robot, QLS has once again demonstrated its commitment to optimising its services and delivering the highest quality to its customers. This ground-breaking achievement is the result of the continued dedication and innovative thinking of the QLS team and their collaboration with Lalesse Logistic Solutions. However, thanks to the advanced capabilities of the Rescue Robot, such situations are now a thing of the past.

QLS remains progressive and will continue to strive for further technological developments to improve logistics processes!

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