August 27, 2021

Alpha Trading Solutions

Reesink Logistic Solutions supplies automated small parts warehouse (AS/RS)

The specialist for the distribution of non-food products and fulfilment service provider for e-commerce alpha trading solutions optimizes its processes in the areas of warehousing, order picking, shipping and packaging. With an AutoStore from Reesink Logistic Solutions, the company will use digitally networked, intelligent logistics in the future.

Erding/Vienna, August 2021 – For its logistics centre in Erding, alpha trading solutions has ordered an AutoStore system from the integrator Reesink Logistic Solutions, which is expected to go into operation at the beginning of 2022. At this location, alpha already handles the complete e-commerce fulfilment for its customers or individual process steps such as drop-shipping and the operation of online shops (B2B/B2C). As a contract logistics partner for start-ups as well as established companies of all sizes, the fulfilment expert not only ensures that the products arrive safely at the end consumers, but also that the goods are listed on numerous high-turnover online shops and marketplaces via existing ERP system integrations.

In addition to the PlayStation 5, vacuum robots or gaming monitors, the product portfolio that alpha trading solutions keeps ready for shipment to its customers also includes smaller products such as the new Fifa football games, merchandise articles or toys. With the high-growth rates in online trade since the beginning of the Corona pandemic, alpha has also significantly expanded its e-commerce division. For both tasks, the service provider needs high speed in picking, shipping and packing orders.

Picking switched to goods-to-person

Picking peaks and sales campaigns are good habits for the special logistics provider, though seasonal peaks pile up at almost all of its customers at the same time. Especially during the Christmas season, alpha trading solutions has been temporarily dependent until now on seasonal staff and temporary help. In order to make picking for shipping and packaging orders more efficient, alpha has decided not only to automate the processes with the AutoStore warehouse, but therefore also to switch to the goods-to-person principle instead of person-to-goods, to minimize walking distances for employees. Thus, the service provider can now handle peak demands with the permanent staff. Measured in terms of speed and performance of the AutoStore, a system with 5.600 bins is initially sufficient for alpha trading solutions. After all, the articles stored in them have a conceivably small size. In this configuration, even a small team can achieve a daily throughput of almost half the stored range of goods with the system. With three ports, around 3.500 bin-presentations can be managed daily, during the shift times from 6 AM to 11 PM. The carousel ports used in connection with 6 robots allow a maximum throughput of 210 bins per hour. In addition to the speed acceleration, the company benefits from the high process reliability that AutoStore enables. Thanks to the automatic replenishment, picking errors are much rarer than would be the case in a manual warehouse with person-to-goods operations. This extra safety benefits not only the excellent quality of the special service provider, but also the economic efficiency of the processes, while significantly reducing the return rate.

High process reliability and growth reserve

“AutoStore not only creates growth reserves, it will also consolidate the structure of our processes. With the automated warehouse and the elimination of many walking routes for our employees, we achieve a whole new level of efficiency in order picking,” reports Michael Simic, Deputy Operations Manager Logistics at alpha trading solutions. “Just as our customers benefit from us taking over their logistics tasks, the high-tech logistics solution from Reesink Logistic Solutions gives us the freedom to use our staff even more intensively for value added services instead of just picking.”

The AutoStore warehouse from alpha trading solutions at a glance

  • 5.600 containers
  • 6 robots
  • 3 carousel ports
  • Up to 210 totes per hour.

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