Warehouse and process control

The right logistical decisions with LogiCS software

The right control of your warehouse is essential for a smooth and reliable flow of goods. You want the automated system to make optimal use of the available space. Reesink Logistic Solutions has its own LogiCS software package for this. This is a versatile WCS system that can be expanded by the addition of various WMS components. 

A RLS specialist working on a warehouse crane.

Our software is compatible with your existing warehouse processes.

Integration with your ERP system

It is very important that all the components within your warehouse communicate with each other correctly. This is why the specialists at Reesink Logistic Solutions work with you to put together a software package that is exactly right for your warehouse. LogiCS has a modular structure and is compatible with various existing ERP packages. (including SAP, Dynamics, Ridder, Locus, Exact). The right functionality is chosen or developed, depending upon your wishes. 

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Lalesse warehouse crane.

Safe and reliable transport

You want your goods to get to the right place safely and quickly. The specific control system for your warehouse components is an integrated component of LogiCS. This control software is developed in house. Years of innovation and application mean you can be assured that all automated components will be deployed safely and reliably in your warehouse. From roller conveyors to cranes or the AutoStore system. 

The smart software ensures that orders are distributed and processed safely and efficiently. The decentralised control system ensures that components such as roller conveyors and cranes can carry out orders autonomously. So the system keeps on running with only a limited amount of communication. This means that every component can focus on whatever the goods are in.

Custom made software developed by our programmers

Is your logistical issue too complex for our standard software? Reesink Logistic Solutions has its own programmers and can develop custom made software just for you. As a full-service provider, specialist knowledge of all components in the warehouse is always close at hand. We ensure that your warehouse functions optimally based upon your wishes and requirements. 

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Screenshot of the LogiCS software of Reesink Logistic Solutions.