Are you making optimal use of your floor space?

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The innovative AutoStore systeem in action.

How intelligently is your warehouse process organised? Can automation make a difference? Reesink Logistic Solutions offers a complete solution that suits your warehouse. 

Efficiency that takes up as few m2 as possible

Many issues arise during the construction or renovation of your warehouse: what is the land price of the plot in question? How high is your building or are you allowed to build? What is the circulation speed of your goods? You are looking for a system that is as efficient as possible and a good fit for your products. Does the innovative AutoStore system work with your small goods? Does your product group require racking with the most appropriate handling equipment?

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Racking produced by Reesink Logistic Solutions.

Proven quality with Lalesse warehouse cranes

Reesink Logistic Solutions supplies automatic warehouse cranes from Lalesse, which has for years been the world’s leading brand of warehouse cranes. Years of innovation and applications are your guarantee for a safe and reliable system that is a good fit for the situation in your warehouse, whether straight-line, aisle-switching or curve-going.

With a wide range of load-carrying devices, the crane is designed to fit in perfectly with the processes and goods in your warehouse. We have our own engineering and software, which means it can always offer a solution that is tailor-made for you. 

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AutoStore: make the difference with warehouse automation

Online product sales continue to increase and consumers are becoming ever more demanding: an order placed today means delivery today or tomorrow. AutoStore offers the solution for e-commerce warehouses with short delivery times. Reesink Logistic Solutions is the supplier of the AutoStore system, a revolutionary warehouse system for compact storage and handling of small goods.

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AutoStore at PostNL.