The most efficient solution for picking

Consumers are buying more and more online and they are demanding shorter and more reliable delivery times. Do you have enough specialist warehouse staff to fulfil these demands? Your warehouse is facing a challenge and automation can offer the solution. Reesink Logistic Solutions offers you a complete warehouse solution from design to maintenance. Get your warehouse fit for the future!

A robot of the innovative AutoStore system.

Quick and reliable order picking with the innovative AutoStore system. 

Efficient order picking with fewer people

Do you have enough staff to process an increasing number of orders? E-commerce is really taking off in both the B2B and B2C markets, and order quantities are increasing rapidly. Conventional methods of order picking are often specialised and labour intensive, and are therefore no longer sufficient. Further automation gets your warehouse fit for the future. 

We offer an appropriate automated warehouse solution for every situation. Your dependency upon staff will decrease, working speed will increase and you will be able to guarantee your customers higher reliability and faster delivery times. From racking to warehouse cranes, everything under one roof. RLS: your partner in warehouse solutions.

Orderpicking with the AutoStore system.

Which solution suits your products?

Case picking

Are your goods stored on pallets in racks? Does the operator drive around gathering up the goods? For case picking, Lalesse miniloads are the way forward. Using miniloads increases speed and reliability considerably. Reesink Logistic Solutions offers Lalesse miniloads: your long-term solution.

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Piece picking

Do you store small goods in your warehouse? The picking process can be set up in a number of ways, depending upon the sizes and the lead time of the goods. Reesink Logistic Solutions works with you to find the solution that is the best fit for your situation. Automation and the ‘goods to man’ principle play an important role here. For example, you can use a miniload warehouse crane and the appropriate conveyor technology to get the goods to your operator. The solution may also be AutoStore in combination with flowracks. After all, one size does not always fit all. The AutoStore system is the robotised form of piece picking.  

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We are your warehouse partner from design to maintenance...

...and everything in between. Reesink Logistic Solutions works with you to find the solution that is truly right for your situation. Whether your needs relate to small items with a short lead time or the storage of pallets, Reesink Logistic Solutions is the full-service provider that will get your warehouse fit for the future. We manage all knowledge relating to your warehouse and its various components ourselves and carry out your production in house, which means you are always assured of a unique solution and excellent service. 

Maintenance by operator.