AutoStore Black Line

Greater capacity, smarter loading and taller bins

The Black Line series from AutoStore has everything you need to create a future-proof warehouse. Realise faster delivery times and store goods in a smarter way with this robotised system. The Black Line robot blends in seamlessly with the existing robots in the Red Line series.

Een AutoStore Black Line op het grid.

Direct Drive Technology

The Black Line series has increased the capacity of the AutoStore system and expanded its storage capabilities. The robot is taller, so it can carry the bins in its body instead of at the side. As a result, less space is taken up on the grid and higher speeds and more transport movements are possible.

The Black Line robot doesn’t just drive faster, it also takes less time to reach its top speed. With direct drive in every wheel, the acceleration speed is 75% higher than in the Red Line robot. Moreover, the robot doesn’t need to recharge because the BattPack technology enables it to pick up a fully charged battery whenever it needs one.

Foto van het oplaadsysteem van de Black Line serie robots van AutoStore.

Smart charging with BattPack technology

Black Line workstation: RelayPort

The Black Line series from AutoStore has an upgraded workstation, called the RelayPort. This workstation has a modular structure and consists of a picking module and buffer modules. Every workstation has 3 to 6 buffer modules and can process up to 650 bins per hour. Thanks to the buffer system, the robots can work even more efficiently. After dropping off a bin they can carry another bin back to the grid.

Black Line or Red Line

AutoStore has been developing automated warehouse solutions for many years. With the Black Line series, the company now has a solution for customers with higher throughput requirements and larger products. And because both robots work on the same grid, the Red Line robot is as powerful as ever. The choice between Black Line or Red Line depends on the customer’s specific requirements and budget.

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Black Line robots van AutoStore gezamenlijk met Red Line robot op een grid.